A lot of the time we find ourselves wondering what we think.

Often we spend so much time thinking about the same thing over and over and still can’t seem to find an understanding. Even though for many of us it is hard to distinguish between our thoughts and feeling, in any situation before a thought, there is a feeling. Our first response to anything in the world is a feeling. Asking yourself what you feel in response to something can help you gain more clarity.

We were born with a range of feelings, not just ‘Happy’. Happy seems to be the one that many people think we ‘should’ feel all of the time. This is not only impossible but can lead to more problems down the line as you continue to ignore what is really going on for you in order to strive for just the ‘Happy’. All feelings are important as they inform us of how we are in any given moment.

For example: Happy lets us know what we like and yes it would be good to do more of what makes us feel happy.

Fear lets us know that we are afraid of something and signals us to be cautious.

Anger signals that we have been hurt and communicates to us that we are not prepared to accept certain situations for ourselves which allows us to create boundaries to protect ourselves.

Sadness tells us we are suffering in some way and to be gentle with ourselves as we need time to heal.

Don’t be afraid to embrace all that you are.

Counselling from Keavy Lynch Counselling can be a great place to get back in touch with your feelings, to start your journey of trusting yourself more and heading towards a more fulfilling life.

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